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July/August 1999
Volume 4, Number 5

Down and Dirty
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

I Really Don’t Want to Do This
by Butch Goodwin

Just Do It
A photo essay by Ben O. Williams

Drummond Island: Lake Huron’s Jewel
by Greg Frey

Cockers On the Coast
by Barbara Haupt

Disjointed Thoughts from a Waiting Room
by Ryan Frame

Tick Trouble
by Rand Constalie

Trip Report: Down Home Doves
by Bill Stahl


Tips from the Dobbs Training Center
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
Teaching your dog to mark, Part I

Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy
Returning to pile work for problem solving.

Ask D.L.
by D.L. Walters

Training with the Pros
by John Dahl
How to train safely in the long, hot summer.

The Wingshooter
by Bob Butz
A novice’s guide to gun fit terminology.

Waterfowling North America
by Chuck Petrie
Death in the short grass.

Veterinary Q&A
by Charlie Powell
Cedar bedding.

Et al.

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Club News

Looking Back
by Jason Smith
River Oaks Corky

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