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Like our journal, our exclusive web content emphasizes the time-honored tradition of hunting with dogs and concentrates exclusively on the retrieving breeds.

We strive to give our readers informative features and columns, nostalgia, and humor, all written by talented and knowledgeable outdoor writers.  Because The Retriever Journal is targeted to experienced dog owners and hunters, those who write for us must also be experienced. Submit your query to: Jill LaCross, Associate Editor


Feature stories of 1,000-1,200 words should focus on the use of retrievers in hunting and training situations. The Retriever Journal is for serious dog people and wingshooters. A dog’s hunting career is relatively short, so their owners hunt with them at every opportunity. Of all the sporting magazines, our readers spend the most days afield with their dogs. The readers are also knowledgeable about dog training, but they are always looking for new techniques. They travel out of state extensively to hunt, mostly looking for opportunities where they can hunt with their dogs of public land.

Stories we’re interested in publishing:

  • Where-to-go on public lands for upland birds and/or waterfowl
  • Dog-training techniques
  • Well-illustrated photo essays on some aspect of dogs, upland shooting, or waterfowl hunting
  • Historical figures from the past, either human or canine
  • Breed pieces (not many used)
  • Advice for competitors in any category (field trials, hunt tests, shoot-to-retrieve, etc.)

Shorts & Fillers

There is an ongoing need for shorter featurettes and short filler pieces, such as training tips, vet tips, humor, dog-related or club news, and quotable quotes. These should be 500-1,000 words.

Photo Submission for articles.

  • Please send a digital file.
  • Make sure your photo has properties of at least 500 pixels x 500 pixels.
  • Please include a one- or two-sentence caption.

Additional Guidelines – See Writer’s Guidelines for the printed magazine

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