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October/November 2017 issue of The Retriever JournalBirds Without Blinds
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

2017 Upland Gamebird Forecast
By Dave Smith

Private Land, Public Access
By Scott Linden

On the Edge of Gray
By Steve Smith

Flooded Corn
By Chris Smith

All-American Bird
A Photo Essay

Women Afield

Chester’s Journey
By Brooks Chandler

Gear Guide



Training Champions: Marking Setup with a Blind
By Danny Farmer

The Wingshooter: How You’ll Hit Every Shot This Season
By Steve Smith

Waterfowling North America: 2017 Waterfowling Forecast
By Doug Larsen

The Vet’s Office: Q&A
By Dr. Ben J. Character

Do It Yourself Duck Dog: Hit the Mark
By Ryan Eder


et al.

Your Dog & You: Johnny House Quail

By George Hickox

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