Hot and Cold

By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.


Fixing a Gunshy Dog

By Charles Jurney


The Traveling Wingshooter

Did You Get the Most From That Trip?

By Steve Smith


Training the Soft Dog

By Sharon Potter


In Their Footsteps

A Photo Essay



Do-It Yourself Duck Dog

Training the trainer.

By Ryan Eder


Waterfowling North America

This little light of mine.

By Doug Larsen


The Vet’s Office

Canine flu update.

By Dr. Ben J. Character


The Wingshooter

Random stuff.

By Steve Smith


Training Champions

Four birds with two short retired.

By Danny Famer


et al.

Subscriber Photos

Subscriber Forum

Your Dog & You

Rewards and corrections.

By George Hickox

The View From the Pier

By Casimer “Cas” Cecum

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