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November/December 2003

Volume 9, Number 1

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Thorn Birds
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Last Minute News On Pheasants… and It’s Good!
by Larry Brown

by Chris Smith

Why British Labs Love Uncle Sam
by Vic Barlow

“I Love Lucy”
by Murray McMurray

The 2003 National Amateur Retriever Championship
by Vickie Lamb


Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy
A conversation with Mike continues.

Training with the Pros
by John and Amy Dahl
Great performances.

by Butch Goodwin
Don’t just treat the symptoms, cure the disease

Field Notes
by Vickie Lamb
Hunting blinds and platforms in training.

One on One
by James Keldsen
Make the most of downtime.

The Wingshooter
by Steve Smith
Model 37 Ithaca Classic.

Waterfowling North America
by Chuck Petrie
Happy days are here again.

The Vet’s Office
by Ben Character
Insurance for your dog?

Et al.

Training Tip
by George Hickox
Patterning the upland hunter.

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The View From the Pier
by Casimer “Cas” Cecum

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