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Winter Roosters
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Far from the Madding – and Maddening – Crowds
By Steve Smith

Oh Bother, Oh Boy, Oh Crap
By Chris Smith

Small Party Pheasant Techniques
By Steve Smith

One Last Hunt
A Photo Essay



Training Champions: Marking setup for head-swinging
By Danny Farmer

The Wingshooter: Cold weather pheasant shooting
By Steve Smith

Waterfowling North America: Some mid to late season tips
By Doug Larsen

The Vet’s Office: Hypothermia, dehydration, and Bordetella.
By Dr. Ben J. Character

Do It Yourself Duck Dog: The no-no drill
By Ryan Eder


et al.

Your Dog & You: Game day success
By George Hickox

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