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November/December 1999
Volume 5, Number 1

Campaigning the CRP
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Hunting the Competition Dog
by John and Amy Dahl

Taking Your Dog to Camp
by Rick Hall

Pheasant & Quail Outlook 1999
by Jason Smith

A Bird in the Hand
by Jason Smith

River Notes
by Bob Butz

“The Price is Right” For Your Next Retriever
by Jim Hildebrandt


Tips from the Dobbs Training Center
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
Teaching your dog to mark, Part III

Ask D.L.
by D.L. Walters

Training with the Pros
by Evan Graham
Steadying: A steap or a process?

The Wingshooter
by Chris Smith
The six best ways to miss a duck.

Waterfowling North America
by Chuck Petrie
1999 waterfowl hunting forecast.

Veterinary Q&A
by Charlie Powell
Dog first aid.

Et al.

Looking Back
by Jason Smith
Super Chief.

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