In Coming Soon

April/May 1997
Volume 2, Number 4

In the Big Country
by Bob Butz

The E-Collar: Another View
by Jerry Warrington

Timetables and Other Myths of Retriever Training
by Jim Hildebrandt

Airline Travel with Dogs
by Tim Linehan


Tips from the Dobbs Training Center
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
Initial lining drills.

The Sporting Spaniel
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
“Hup!” Phase II

Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy
The swim-by

The Wingshooter
by Chris Smith
The Crow Creek Reservation.

The Fault Forum
by Jerry Warrington
Using the nose.

Ask D.L.
by D.L. Walters
Water-force programs and diving ducks.

Veterinary Q&A
by Charlie Powell
Peculiar symptoms and foul-smelling dogs.

Et al.

Looking Back
by Gene Hill
Labor of Love.


Club News

Report from Abroad: The International Gundog League’s Retriever Championship
by Keith Erlandson

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