In Coming Soon

February/March 1996
Volume 1, Number 3

by Butch Goodwin

Unconventional Quail
by Michael Pearce

The Essentials of Waterfowling
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

The Best There Ever Was
by Larry Dablemont

Retrievers on the Line
by Mark H.T. Andrews

Snow Dogs
by Mark Matthews


Tips from Tri-Tronics
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
Training your dog to be steady.

The Wingshooter
by H.. Lea Lawrence
The big ‘un.

The Upland Retriever
by Charles Jurney
Happy trails.

The Sporting Spaniel
by Harry Henriques
The first days.

Into the Past
by Laurie Morrow
The shoveler.

Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy

The Fault Forum
by Jerry Warrington
Dealing with hardmouth.

Ask D.L.
by D.L. Walters
The value of your hunting dog taking a line.

Veterinary Q&A
by Charlie Powell
Lumbar problems.

Et al.

Looking Back
by Gene Hill
The Idler of March.


Club News

by Jim Hildebrandt

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