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Vol.22 No.5


Lessons Learned 
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Things I Wish I Could Change 
By Chris Smith

Pointing Dog People Discover…Flushers 
By Steve Smith

The Push and Pull Drill 
By Ryan Eder

Trending Larger 
By Doug Larsen



Training Champions: Another Marking Setup
By Danny Farmer

Waterfowling North America: Ask and Ye Shall Receive…Maybe
By Doug Larsen

The Wingshooter: Shotgunning Tips
By Steve Smith

Upland Retriever: Putting It All Together
By Charles Jurney

The Vet’s Office: Heartworms
By Dr. Ben J. Character

et al.

Subscriber Photos 

Subscriber Forum 

Your Dog & You 
By George Hickox

2017 SHOT Show 

The View From the Pier 
By Casimer “Cas” Cecum

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