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August/September 2006
Volume 11, Number 6

Snipe Hunt
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Dancing with Pinnated Grouse
by Jack Hancock

Clowns of the Marsh
by Jason Smith

What You Can Expect from a Guide
by Steve Smith

2006 Annual Amateur Championship
by Vickie Lamb

The Future of Hunting, Part Two
by Ed Hoenschield

Spotlight: Green-winged Teal



Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy
Advanced marking progression.

Training with the Pros
by John Dahl
The bird dictates the skill.

by Butch Goodwin
Water carrier solved.
One on One
by James Keldsen
Hard-to-find birds.

The Wingshooter
by Steve Smith
Technique and choice.

Waterfowling North America
by Doug Larsen
Killing them softly with your song.

The Vet’s Office
by Ben Character
Tying up loose ends.


Et al.

Training Tip
by George Hickox
Training with pen-raised birds.

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The View From the Pier
by Casimer “Cas” Cecum

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