We feel our magazine’s “Marketplace” ad section is a good one, and there are many great products and services to be found there.

But, alas, it isn’t timely, especially for things such as puppy litters, special events that just came up, a started dog that’s ready to go now, those sorts of things – by the time the magazine comes out, an ad selling stuff like that is pretty useless.

So, we want to be more timely with things where, well, time is important. We will be glad to carry your word classified ads on a special advertising section on our website, in the area below. That way, if you have a litter on the ground, advertise it, and sell out, we’ll pull the ad down if you wish. All ads will run for two months, the same as they would in the print magazine. I want to stress that we can handle only word ads – no display ads or graphics.

The charge is $75 for up to 25 words, additional words $3 each (phone #, email, and website together are considered one word), payment up front, credit card only; and if you have a website or email, your ad can include a link to it at no extra charge; ad will appear for 60 days.

Contact Katie Rollert at Katie.Rollert@vpdcs.com or 844-936-1402.

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