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June/July 2007
Volume 12, Number 5


Wisdom and Folly
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Round Three
by Charlie Jurney

Hunt for the Gun
by Sharon Potter

Capturing Memories
by Daniel Dempster

Missing Canada
A Photo Essay


Training with Mike Lardy
by Mike Lardy
Blind mechanics.

Training with the Pros
by John Dahl
Some thoughts on blinds.

by Butch Goodwin
Is your dog really ready for force-fetch?

Field Notes
by Vickie Lamb
Summer water concerns.

One on One
by James Keldsen
Who’s to blame?

The Wingshooter
by Steve Smith
Maybe it’s the little things.

Waterfowling North America
by Doug Larsen
And it makes good pudding, too.

The Vet’s Office
by Ben Character
Finding help at the pharmacy.

Et al.

Training Tip
by George Hickox
Thorndikes basic laws.

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The View From the Pier
by Casimer “Cas” Cecum


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